There are several myths surrounding Invisalign, one of which is that it can only straighten teeth that are only slightly misaligned. No matter how crooked your teeth are, this is far more than a retainer and can undoubtedly assist in straightening them. Rarely do misaligned teeth require genuine braces, but when they do, it's typically because the jaw is seriously out of place. Therefore, adopting Invisalign may generally make your crooked teeth look flawless. Here are some additional information on teeth straightening using Gary Baughman Invisalign that you should be aware of.

Invisalign is not only a retainer, despite what some people believe. Baughman dentist will provide the patient with a retainer to wear at the conclusion of the procedure to make sure the teeth stay in place. The patient will wear a series of aligners while they straighten their teeth, though. In order to estimate how the teeth will move, Baughman dentists employ computer imaging software to construct the aligners, which are a high-tech solution.

Since each aligner only slightly moves the teeth, each subsequent one in the series must build on what came before it. For this particular reason, it becomes crucial to wear the aligners. Each time a patient dons one, their teeth will feel a little uncomfortable and tight. It will eventually start to feel loose, at which point you should put on the subsequent garment in the series. The patient's teeth will likely be absolutely straight once they have worn out all of the aligners.

The Time Period

Even though experts wish they could declare that Invisalign in Stockton can straighten teeth more quickly than braces, this isn't always the case. The effectiveness of the treatment as a whole will determine how long it takes to straighten teeth. Since the patient does not have to wait for orthodontic treatments before making wire adjustments, it might take less time.

However, because teeth must move in a specific way, trying to speed up the process can irritate the teeth unnecessarily or harm the roots. Baughman dentists have to shift the teeth gradually in order to prevent that. Dentists can go over a patient's treatment plan and approximate the length of time when they come in for a consultation.

The Price

As an Invisalign dentist, they have observed that several patients worry about the price of teeth straightening. Contrary to the widespread belief that Invisalign is pricey, it can actually be reasonably priced. If one can afford braces, they should be able to afford this treatment as well.

If there are any financial arrangements, the patient needs to let the clinics know when they arrive for a consultation. Baughman dentist will be pleased to go over the possibilities with the patient.

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